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Our activities for pre-tertiary (primary to senior high school) female students include robotics, coding, LEGO Education, 3D design and printing, electronics, and STEM Career awareness. Learn more about all our projects below.

STEM 1.0

STEM 1.0 entails advocacy and communication activities aimed at increasing awareness and interest in STEM fields. It emphasizes early introduction and exposure to various STEM career opportunities, as well as interactive workshops to enhance the digital literacy of girls and young women.


STEM 2.0

STEM 2.0 refers to our programmatic efforts to prepare young women and girls for STEM careers. It is structured to bridge the often binary worlds of ``school`` and ``work.`` Modules include  robotics, 3D design and printing, electronics, and cyber-security.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” –Michelle Obama

As the FIRST Global Challenge partner organization, we select and mentor Team Ghana - female high school students (girls aged 14-18 years) - to participate in this Olympics-style Robotics competition. Each year, a new challenge is introduced to foster understanding and cooperation among the world's youth as they use their skills and abilities to solve global engineering problems.


Infinity Girls in Space Project

The Infinity Girls in Space Project (IGSP) - sponsored by the US Embassy in Ghana - provides a four month educational enrichment program for girls in under-served public senior high schools to explore satellite technology and expand their awareness, confidence and capabilities to innovate and pursue STEM courses and careers.


Over 100 girls from 37 senior high schools (in three cohorts) will learn about the structural, electrical, software, sensing, data, and launch subsystems of a CubeSat prototype. They will also learn how to plan missions and analyze data. They will then use Arduino kits and 3D technology to design, build, program, and launch their CubeSat prototypes into the lower layers of the Earth’s atmosphere to provide feasible solutions to the local needs of their communities.


CubeSats are space-ready cube nanosatellites with a standardized unit size of 10 cm3 that are launched into space using rockets.


From July 2022 to August 2023

Rural STEM Outreach Program

The Rural STEM Outreach program focuses on supporting and improving the digital and STEM skills of children in Ghana's rural and remote communities.  We serve children from these communities, especially girls, who have little or no access to adequate STEM education and are thus unlikely to pursue further studies or careers in STEM.


These children lack access to technology and modern tools such as tablets, computers, and reliable internet, that make learning more efficient and dynamic. Furthermore, due to the absence of resources, teachers frequently find it difficult to provide hands-on activities to support  the learning of STEM subjects.


We train and support rural public school teachers to provide practical STEM learning activities using readily available materials and low-cost tablets and computers to supplement the national STEM curriculum.


Children get to conduct experiments with everyday materials and learn about STEM in useful ways. The program is currently being run in Ghana's Central Region in the Ansafona district, reaching over 100 children from three schools.

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