We need to stop telling young women how hard it is to be a woman scientist

and start telling them about how amazing the job is.

Prof Judith Mank (UCL)

Khan Academy - Science

Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education. Learn select topics from Biology, Chemistry & Physics


Activities on simulated surgical procedures, cell phone design (with market research), simple and compound machines, and weather prediction.

PhET Simulations - Science

Dozens of fantastic simulations for physics, chemistry, biology and earth science as well as a collection of teacher contributed activities, lab experiences, homework assignments and conceptual questions that can be used with the simulations.

The Periodic Table of Videos

A group of scientists based at the University of Nottingham added some character to the static periodic table of elements by creating a short video for each one. The group also puts out a non-YouTube version of the site for schools that have blocked the site.


Wonderville has a solid collection of interactive activities and games that students of all ages will enjoy. Activities are broken down into things you just can't see, things in your world....and beyond, things created using science, and things and how they work. Each game and activity is connected. The game gives you a virtual opportunity to learn while the related activity gives you a chance to investigate on your own.

Discovery Kids

Learn all about cockroaches, worms, and your gross and cool body! This website has a great humorous slant to it that makes learning fun! An excellent resource to use in the classroom for learning about entomology and bodily functions.

Women at NASA

This website includes a stunning collection of videos and essays from women across the agency who contribute to NASA’s mission in many different ways.

National Geographic Kids

Explore the fascinating world of National Geographic. Interactive games and explorations make this website very engaging for young students.

Discovery Education

Multimedia and interactive video options to the classroom. The content is current and linked to the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel programming, offering opportunities for teachers to tape the programming and use it interactively with Elementary School lesson plans. For full audio effects, the plug-in RealAudio must be downloaded.


The ChemCollective, a project that is funded by the National Science Foundation, allows students to design and carry out their own experiments in a virtual laboratory and provides virtual lab problems, real-world scenarios, concept tests, simulations, tutorials and course modules for learning basic chemistry.